How Much Does Priceless Cost?

Photos are very important, that’s something we can all safely agree on. We can also agree that modern technology such as our home appliances, cars or smartphones can fail. Your external hard drive or the one found in your computer, memory card or flash drive often meet with failure as well. Murphy’s law ensures that it  will never happen at a convenient time. Statistically speaking, human error accounts for nearly 30% of all data loss. Meaning that you or somebody close in your environment is likely to suffer from data loss soon. The simple fact is that accidents happen.  In most cases we accept that as part of life and move on. It doesn’t have to be this way when it comes to recovering lost data.

How Much Does Priceless Cost?

As anyone who’s taken their car to the repair shop, or stood in an endless line at a mobile shop holding a phone with a cracked phone screen can attest, repairs will be pricey. Now imagine that your accident resulted in the loss of a simple photo of an adorable baby boy.  No big deal right?  Well, what if that baby in the photo is your son who just turned 40.  A perfect photo of him slobbering on his toys and crawling on that vaguely familiar sofa (whatever happened to that old sofa anyway?!) – In essence a very simple photo.  In reality something priceless.

If you haven’t winced at the thought of losing these precious memories, then you may want to check for a pulse. It’s painful. It’s frustrating. It’s irreplaceable. It’s priceless.

How much does priceless really cost, anyway? My Data Recovery Lab team has joined forces with Advanced Data Recovery Analytics to help you find out fast and easy.  The online tool allows you to estimate the actual cost for recovery before we even see your data storage device, regardless if the data is lost from a  hard drive, NAS, memory card or a smartphone. The Cost of Priceless.

Over a quarter of all PC users will experience a significant data loss each year.  The good news is that much that is lost can be recovered. With our recovery services you can estimate and determine the extent of the failure.  In many case you may be able to learn how to recover your data simply from your own home.  In cases where drive damage is too severe, you will need to deliver your equipment for In-Lab Data Recovery.  But, you will arrive knowing what to expect with an accurate cost estimate you can trust.

This is your content – your pictures – your perfect moments. You owe it to yourself to protect them.  Have a back-up plan ready and should data loss occur, know where to turn for help. You’ll be glad you did.

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