Important Notice

mdrl-copycatThis is an important scam notice to all of our users. We have received numerous requests from various countries which are not relevant to our business. Apparently some business owners like our logo and business name to promote their data recovery services. We have been contacted numerous times with a person ready to send a drive to us saying that our overseas office is unable to recover data successfully?

We are publishing an example of Google+ profile screen-shot one to one of these businesses so you will be able to identify them.

My Data Recovery Lab will not honor any case from this company or any other. If one wishes to send the data storage device to us there are ways to do so. This is not the first time we find or somebody reported our content being STOLEN ! However, we have contacted proper authorities to move forward and protect our customers and visitors.

We strongly recommend you to be careful when suffer from data loss. Not every company in this business is the good company! In one of our previous articles we have complied a list of the 100 most relevant resources about data loss and recovery which we hope will help you stay informed concerning all issues related to data loss, recovery and prevention.

Google Searches

Once we did our research why we receiving so many requests from various countries mostly in Asia it became clear Google placed this post on top of search results in numerous countries in that entire free-cost-estimateregion. My Data Recovery Lab operates exclusively in the USA serving mostly other data recovery service providers. So here is one for you Google: Free Data Recovery Cost Estimates for users worldwide! At least now people will be able to do something useful with what your results offered! Free Data Recovery Quote is an on-line service developed by Advanced Data Recovery Analytics is able to estimate chances of success, cost and time necessary to retrieve data from any data storage media in any data loss scenario, everywhere on the Globe.

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