Do your Research when choosing a Data Recovery Service Provider

What is the first thing we do when that check engine light comes on in our car? How do you handle a burned out taillight or squeaking brakes? A very small number may choose to fix the problem themselves, but most turn to the services and expertise of an auto repairman. If you’re lucky, you may even know who to call when in need of honest and forthcoming advice.

But, you don’t need a crash course in auto mechanics to make that decision. You only need to know how to find a reliable shop and mechanic. The same hold true when you find yourself in need of a reliable data recovery service provider. The most important thing consumer’s need is to be on the lookout for are the warning signs of a poor service provider. There are a lot of legitimate hard drive recovery services on the market. Unfortunately there are too many who may offer enticing deals such as a ‘flat fee recovery’. What you then get are overcharges or outsourcing of your recovery. Far too often these quick dollar operations render your data unrecoverable through their shoddy techniques.

Data Recovery Service Provider

My Data Recovery Lab recommends the following tips to consider before turning over your important data to any Data Recovery service Provider:

Get a referral for your data recovery service provider

If you are looking for a qualified data recovery service, ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations. Be sure and visit user review sites such as Google and Yelp for information on any particular business. It is important to consider that Data Recovery requires a specialist’s level of knowledge. Many will claim they can help, but only someone with expertise specific to data recovery will have the specialized tools and training necessary to provide a successful outcome.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Don’t be embarrassed to request technical definitions. While it is unproductive to expect an on-the-spot diagnosis of the problem, Data Recovery Provider’s should be able to discuss clearly the company’s process and procedures. If they cannot guarantee that you will be appraised of the problem,  consulted on the course of action and provide a cost for service before they begin, look elsewhere.

Get everything in writing

Once you have decided on a Data Recovery Service provider make sure you are provided a written estimate for parts and labor involved in your recovery case. Reputable companies such, will ensure your receive all information relevant to the policies, price rates, time grantees and acceptable methods of payment before work on your case begins.

Demand a detailed summary of the work completed and the success results

When you collect your recovered media, make sure you are provided an explanation of all the work completed and that all the files you have been promised are intact. Ask that instructions for using any new equipment that has been returned to you is explained in detail. You should never be asked to make a payment of any amount until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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