Gallery on TV is great free open source digital signage solution for waiting rooms in data recovery offices, repair shops and other related services. Appropriate slideshows are a great way to reduce the perceived waiting times for your customers. You can use waiting room digital signage to educate and entertain:

  • Provide warm, welcoming messages
  • Cover registration instructions
  • Add featured services
  • Spotlight expert biographies, images and other staff related information
  • More

Utilize a combination of vibrant graphics, instructions and engaging slides for your waiting room digital signage. Emphasis branding by incorporating brand colors and logos and save money on printing new signs.

Other ways to improve customer experience

  • Notifications (SMS / email)
  • Live video feed
  • Android/iPhone app

About Gallery on TV Digital Signage

Gallery on TV for Roku is designed to display your self-hosted Gallery (Gallery now Gallery the Revival) as screen saver using RSS feed. Runs on any Roku device. Gallery on TV is free, open-source digital signage solution for your business.

Many web host providers utilize a website control panel, typically via an interface tool such as cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin and InterWorx. If so you may have a commercial script library such as Softaculous to automate the installation of Gallery web application and add it to your website(s). Script libraries can greatly reduce installation and configuration time. Gallery on TV is developed by Pevac DevOps and published on Roku Channel Store displays your Gallery content as screen saver.

Simple, free, efficient.

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