We specialized in data recovery. Past 20 years we helped multiple startups, we recovered data as subcontractors, we developed industry first on-line data recovery cost estimator, we developed software, we published a cookbook! We also put this blog together for consumers, engineers, industry haters, top players. For those in trouble and those who got out of trouble. My Data Recovery Lab is here to help.


We can help business such as yours to develop procedures and prevent data loss. As we are also able to help recover any type of data from any device, anywhere in the world (provide a spaceship we may be able to recover your data in outer space). Therefore we often provide specialized services:

  • Help improve organization’s data recovery procedures (Research / Development / Training)
  • Restore data from damaged storage device or system when backup is not available
  • Recover data from backup when there is a problem with tapes, optical media, etc.
  • Product Review

Content writing

Need specialized content for your blog? Look no further because we have experience, know-how, skill and we love writing. We have also created some of the industry top infographics and other multimedia content. As ghostwriters we helped some of the greatest websites in the industry.

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Want to see your banner here? Make a donation of $1000 or more and voila your banner is placed to all our pages for the next 365 days. Placing is based on date of submission – last on top. Restrictions apply and in which case your donation shall be returned. Thank you for consideration.

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Big fan

We are big fans of your NAND-DATA-RECOVERY-COOKBOOK. Thank you for sharing information and for visiting us last year!!!
Y.S. Shenzhen, 2019

Quick shout out

I am police officer from France and I am interested in NAND data recovery. My colleagues and I found your NAND Data Recovery Cookbook and we are using it daily for a quick reference and as must-read for newcomers. Great work.
M.L. France, 2018

I was immediately impressed with the customer service approach

When we married in November I hired a recommended professional photographer. We were supposed to receive our proofs in 4 weeks. 6 weeks later we were finally able to make an appointment to meet. The news we received was nothing short of devastating. He told us the memory card he used was corrupted and we had lost all of our 1200+ pictures. He had already sent it out for a recovery attempt with zero success. All he could offer us was an apology and no refund. In shock and not ready to give up I did an internet search and found My Data Recovery Lab. I sent email and later spoke with one of their technicians and was immediately impressed with his customer service approach. He honestly seemed to care and understand how inconsolable I was over our loss, so I decided to give them a try. Incredibly, they called me back in 24 hours and said my photos were recoverable. Within 48 hours they were ready to be picked up, they even provided me an extra copy for back-up.
The photos were amazing and feeling slightly guilty that our photographer lost all of his $1500 fee for our work we decided to contact him and offer a settlement. He was happy for us but completely stunned. Not only had this mistake cost him our fee but also the fee he paid for the failed recovery attempt. He was clearly peeved when we told him we would not have been charged if recovery was impossible. Not surprisingly, he asked us for My Data Recovery Lab contact information.

H.H. Ohio, 2014

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