We are happy to announce the soon-to-be-completed true data recovery conversational agent or chatbot, Ada.

Like many modern chatbots, Ada is highly specialized — designed to help you navigate to the best solution through a maze of SEO articles, poor search results and fake reviews. Ada can handle a wide variety of devices, data loss scenarios and previous action taken. Actions that followed may have jeopardized chances of a future successful data recovery. Instead of having analysis done in-lab Ada uses Advanced Data Recovery Analytics FDRQ2.0API for data recovery statistics.

Live-chat vs Chatbot

Despite the known fact that each lead is so expensive, many companies in the industry have already started to implement LiveChat as a measure to keep a customer engaged. LiveChat is an incredible useful tool but engagement costs. Even if the actual operator is not located in the USA or Canada, it will increase the total cost of your data recovery service.

MyDataRecoveryLab eZine wanted to help those suffering from data loss by enabling a free chatbot service on the subject that is based on real data. If you’ve tried interacting with chatbots, you know that these are far from perfect but they can still be useful and far less aggressive than any human sales representative, assistant or an agent. Chatbot Ada is trained to respond to a inquiry using statistical data from almost two decades of previously performed cases.

Just last year, many major organizations announced their support for the development of chatbots and expressed an interest in implementing them into their operations. Key players, like Microsoft, Google and Apple, have been investing in this technology for years, to save on operational cost and to provide better experience than self-hosted NLP engine. This is why we decided to use Google Dialogflow as a platform for Ada.

Impact of COVID-19

Much of the early hype around chatbots didn’t pan out. But despite the drop-off in excitement, chatbots are still making an impact, including the data retrieval industry. The outbreak of COVID is having an enormous impact on the economy in over 200 countries affected. During the current COVID19 pandemic, businesses across industries are using chatbots to help their customers, clients, partners, vendors and employees.

In the past few months the entire world stopped, Coming back to light may take awhile. In the meantime we will be improving our data recovery chatbot.

Try for yourself.

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