Last week, guys at Advanced Data Recovery Analytics announced their new web service. The purpose of this service is to create an accurate data recovery estimate from any device on the market today  and without actually having it in the lab. My Data Recovery Lab has been a great supporter of Free Data Recovery Quote from the beginning of this project. Now we are a part of it!

data recovery-project adreca

We are proud to announce starting today our customers can learn from the convenience of their own home what are the chances, how long it is going to take until they have data back and how much it is going to cost. This all happens before customer ship or drop-off their media.

This service is not like any other data recovery quote form you can find on other data recovery provider’s web sites. Free Data Recovery Quote does not require all of your personal information entered prior to submit for a new quote. You will not receive tons of calls and nobody will ask for your drive in order to make an estimate. Free Data Recovery Quote will make an accurate estimate while you still have your drive in possession. Once your quote is issued you may submit it to provider including My Data Recovery Lab and we will match any quote issued by this service.

Free Data Recovery Quote was in Public Beta and therefore available for our customers. However, due to inconsistent data service is no longer on-line. Current FreeDataRecoveryQuote(dot)com is no longer manged by ADRECA.

Use video on the page to learn more about Free Data Recovery Quote.

Free Data Recovery Quote (Introduction Video) from Igor Sestanj on Vimeo.

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