My Data Recovery Lab had new data recovery estimate tool not just supported but integrated to our on-line services! Free Data Recovery Quote was My Data Recovery Lab, on-line cost estimator improved our services with its on-going analysis of current practices and procedures proving itself as a valuable resource of information.

Due to insufficient response from other data recovery service providers and after almost 4 years in public beta stage FreeDataRecoveryQuote (dot)com is now canceled and the service has been migrated to My Data Recovery Lab. This controversial project had mixed results. While it averaged 8 requests daily from the day it was released, mostly from users in USA, Russia and India just few providers wanted to share their data. What in fact happened is that many others recognized advantages of on-line estimating tools and implemented their versions. Which is awesome!

On-line estimating tools may help in data loss prevention by giving you information on how different data loss scenarios may led to incomplete recovery.


Key features of data recovery estimate

Years ago when hard disk drive capacity increased above 100 GB every drive became unique. Drives now have different electronics and many times completely different parts within the same model number. For many drives with damaged heads, spindles, or electronics a data recovery service provider has to use parts from a healthy, donor drive. These parts needs to match model number, revision code and other markings to that specific drive. We keep a constantly growing inventory of several thousand drives to make sure that cases are treated as quickly as possible.

Another thing is the technology necessary to safely perform data recovery. Equipment like clean rooms with clean flow benches, firmware repair tools, proprietary recovery programs, and other tools capable of dealing with any issue.

In case of digital media such as USB flash drives, SSDs, mobile devices and cameras recovery procedure does not require clean rooms but precision necessary to deal with the advanced electronics, math and programming skills and the ability to work with raw pile of data and carve it in order to have data sorted the way it was.

Free Data Recovery Quote reduced data recovery costs using analysis from thousands of previous cases offering the most cost-effective way to have your data recovered.

More Efficient Data Recovery Process

The cost of data recovery is likely to be an unwanted and unexpected expense. In order to ensure that you get a return on your investment, our providers offer a no data, no charge guarantee. Following the same concept we developed highly accurate way with Free Data Recovery Quote web service to estimate the cost of data recovery before your media reaches the data recovery provider. We wanted to give you a clear picture on future actions needed to recover your data while you still have your drive in hands. Sign up today and have the cost of data recovery estimated in minutes. Free of charge! That was out motto…

We understand the frustration with losing your valuable data and we advise you not to panic. Perhaps you can utilize our 100 Data Recovery Resource page? FDRQ was available worldwide in English and Spanish and price quote adjusted to the specific market in your country. In years we may develop another more developer friendly version. Until then don’t forget to backup!

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