The best data recovery practices incorporate the ability to restore the most critical data first, then use a tiered approach to recover what is less critical. Today there are a variety of data recovery options, some of which may help to recover data quickly and potentially save significant expense. My Data Recovery Lab (MDRL) specializes in hard disk drive data recovery, RAID data recovery and NAND media recovery such as SSD data recovery, memory card data recovery and usb flash data recovery. Over the years we have delivered consistent customer satisfaction by incorporating the best practices in the data recovery industry. We choose to set ourselves apart and our customers know, MDRL is a very different data recovery service provider. We offer our customers clear, direct communication and a fair pricing structure enhanced with ADRECA’s Free Data Recovery Quote.

We do not follow the advice given by the American Psychologist, Wendell Johnson who said: “Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.” Why? Besause we are one of the few data recovery providers with absolutely nothing to hide. Here are our always and nevers.


Good provider will:

– Always honor the time and cost and estimate issued upon analysis;
– Always ask our customer first to identify the most important data to be recovered (the list of remaining data will also be recovered afterwards);
– Always identify our customers data storage device, additional parts and cables;
– Always make a in-lab diagnosis before attempting recovery of data to verify estimate given on-line;
– Always clone every drive and work on the clone not the damaged drive;
– Always backup the firmware data prior making any adjustments to it;
– Always look for an available donor drive(s) before the patient drive reaches the lab;
– Always keep you updated about the status of your case via portal, email or phone.

But will:

– Never work directly on the original drive a customer delivers for recovery (we will make a clone first);
– Never make changes to drive’s firmware before we make a backup of it;
– Never loose or misplace your drive;
– Never leave our customers in the dark about any aspect of the data recovery process.

While we find the need to boost such declarations a bit ridiculous and firmly believe these practices should be a given in the industry; sadly we are all too familiar with customer horror stories in which this simple code is not followed.


Please be sure that your chosen data recovery provider is committed to delivering service you can trust.


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6 thoughts on “Data Recovery Good Practices

  1. My hard drive on my mac was fried, and I hadn’t backed up. My Data Recovery Labs recovered everything off the drive, no problem. They came to my home to pick up and drop off. Van sat with me in the lobby of my building and showed me where everything was on the drive, so I could confirm before paying. He also gave me a few recommendations on how to protect my files in the future.

    It was a good experience.

    1. Really strange after this place got such great reviews I spoke with someone there by phone yesterday, he was great and scheduled to pick up Lacie drive from me the following day. After waiting for them all day the guy calls the next day and apologizes and says they are running behind and will be there within the next 25 minutes. Well 4 hours later I’m still waiting. I guess he isn’t coming. Good thing it’s not an emergency? One star!

  2. I stumbled upon while price shopping for data recovery. I liked the idea of having the highest cost estimated before I take my drive anywhere. Others asked for my personal information before they issued a quote. What difference does it make where I live when my hard disk is dead? MDRL honored the estimate given and recovered my data in 5 days. Some files were missing due to bad sectors but all of my family photos were saved. Thank you guys!

    1. If anyone ever needs data recovery services for their Mac Mini with enabled encryption these guys are the professionals to call! I had 2 other companies come check it out over the past week and could not salvage anything! My Data Recovery Lab recovered all our important files within 48 hours. Third times a charm 🙂 They definitely deserve 5 Stars!

  3. I just got to say you guys did a fantastic job really came through as you promised!!! Thanks for being there at 4am and sorting our file server so fast. Great job!

  4. I came across My Data Recovery Lab with their Win10 app. That one star review I found on Microsoft Store is nuts. Nothing about this place seemed shady to me.

    My SSD on my PC was fried, and I hadn’t backed up. MDRL recovered everything off the drive, no trouble! They also have killer blog!

    It was a good experience. They came across very professional and confident.

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