Last week our friends from Advanced Data Recovery Analytics (ADRECA) published a great info-graphic titled, a History of Data Recovery. Their post got us thinking about own history in the industry.

Our story

Data Solutions Labs LLC was established in 2012 by a team of engineers, who had already achieved much success resolving data loss issues in several countries around the globe. Our business model is based on these proven success rates and an honest pricing strategy made possible by utilizing an innovative on-line data recovery cost estimator. Along with adherence to most rigid security standards we are able to provide our clients with the fastest turnaround times available anywhere.

My Data Recovery Lab continues this work. As a data recovery service provider specializing in Hard Drive Data Recovery and RAID Data Recovery our advanced technology, extensive parts inventory and years of experience enable us to recover data from variety of devices including flash memory chips. Today our customers include companies, agencies, organizations and other data recovery providers looking to increase their own success rates or assisting with in-house recovery procedures.

We thought it would be interesting to include the accomplishments of My Data Recovery Lab in ADRECA’s history of data recovery and see where we line up on the scale. This is what we came up with.

History of Data Recovery

What started with computer pioneers, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage in the 19th century is today an important vital industry. One of the first major changes to occur in modern time began with Advanced Computer Engineers, a company from Rostov on Don in Russia who developed the first hardware/software solution, the PC3000. Their work was based on hard disk drive reverse engineering and it quickly became the industry standard widely spread across the world.

Another major development occurred in 1995 when Kroll-OnTrack performed the very first commercial remote data recovery. Remote data recovery has been utilized excessively during the last two decades by almost every data recovery service provider. Starting in 2000 and continuing today we have seen large numbers of new data recovery companies popping up everywhere as PC3000 technology has made it into the hands of any player in the field.

In 2005 a web forum HDD GURU was launched as the top spot for engineers around the world to exchange ideas and share their knowledge and skills. From this point in time the development of the data recovery industry was incredibly rapid, showing market increase of around 10 per cent annually.

Today data recovery is a industry, rescuing business both big and small every day to help keep the world’s economy running. In 2013, My Data Recovery Lab began using the first true on-line data recovery estimator developed by ADRECA.  This major advancement revolutionizes the user experience and cuts costs as well as time necessary for the procedure.

Thanks for your interest and remember to check back here soon to stay informed on all matters related to the data recovery process.

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