Data storage devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, shocks and impact damage. When you send your device to a Data Recovery Service Provider, you should choose a trusted shipping company and use appropriate packing materials to keep your media safe. This guide will help you pack hard drives, RAID arrays, flash media and other devices such as smartphones.

Print your shipping label and add Case Number on shipping label.

Shipping and Handling Instructions

shipping&handling-packaging materials

Preparing your media for delivery.

shipping&handling-antistatic bag

Digital devices are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharge and impact damage.

shipping&handling-use electrostatic bag

Protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Pack internal hard drives and other devices with exposed circuit boards in anti-static bags. Most reputable shipping stores should provide them. Anti-static bags are also available in most stores specializing in electronics. As well, all newly purchased hard drives will come packed in anti-static bags.

shipping&handling-hard disk drive packing

The following guidelines will help you pack hard drives, RAID arrays, flash media and other storage devices.

Pack tight

shipping&handling-hard disk drive handling

Use bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning to protect your media from impact damage during shipping. Do not use foam packing peanuts. They can create potentially dangerous static charge and do not provide sufficient protection to hard drives, solid-state drives or other heavier media components.

shipping&handling-use bubble wrap


Identify your case

shipping&handling-mark your package

Clearly mark your package with the work order confirmation number we have provided you.

Inspect your box

shipping&handling-check your box

Check for signs of damage and wear before packing. Do not use padded envelopes or flimsy cardboard boxes.

Use a dependable shipping company

Ship Your Hard Disk Drive for Data Recovery

FedEx, UPS, DHL will issue you a tracking number and allow you to purchase additional insurance. It is important to choose a reputable shipping company and use appropriate packing material to ensure the safety of your media.


Address details are provided in your work confirmation email. Please print a copy of your work order confirmation number and shipment tracking information for your records.

Hard Drives


Please pack hard disk drives snuggly in bubble wrap. If your hard drive is not in an external enclosure put it in an anti-static bag before packing. Please do not tape anything over the factory label.

Desktop Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives

Desktop hard drives should be wrapped in a minimum of 3-6 inches of bubble wrap. Shipping foam may also be used but take care that the hard drive is immovable.

Laptop Hard Drives

Pack using a minimum of 3-6 inches of bubble wrap. Do not use foam containers unless specifically designed for laptop hard drives.

External Hard Drives


The enclosure of external drives protect against electrostatic charge, an anti-static bag is not necessary. Keep your hard drive in its original enclosure. Please include power and interface cables with your shipment. External hard drives should be packed firmly in a minimum 3-6 inches of bubble wrap. The devices original packaging may be used if still intact. Multiple Hard Drives -each unit should be wrapped as above instructed. Ensure the drives will not shift during handling. Clearly label each individual hard drive.

RAID Arrays and Servers

The RAID controller card and server hardware are not generally needed to perform data recovery services. In cases where our engineers need this access or you prefer not removing the hard drives from your server, our customer service team will provide detailed instructions for shipping.
It is extremely helpful to label each drives position in your array. Most RAID numbering systems begin with drive 0 rather than drive 1.

USB Drives and Flash Cards


If physically damaged pack in an anti-static bag. You may safely use foam packing peanuts with USB drives and flash cards. However, bubble wrap provides better shock protection and limits electrostatic charge.

Computer Unit


When shipping a computer always use an approved shipping container. Contact our customer service department for additional advice and information.

Your Return Media

When possible, keep your return media in its original packaging. Clearly mark your case number and the words “RETURN MEDIA” on the packaging.

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