data recovery 2016 info-graphic

Although just days behind this might be a good time for a data recovery industry annual report. Great info-graphic above presented by ADRECA illustrates what was behind us but also in many ways showing us what lays ahead.

Data Storage Technology

As NAND based data storage devices continue to flood the market we have seen a significant increase of requests for SSD data recovery, USB flash data recovery, Memory Card data recovery and mobile device data recovery (especially cellphones). This was not a surprise since My Data Recovery Lab have also seen a great increase of cellphone data recovery requests after publishing our App on Microsoft Store. It is simply a fact we are using our cellphones for access to services which was reserved for personal computers just few years ago.

These days NAND based storage devices seems to be sharing the market with more traditional media such as hard disk drives. It is fair to say magnetic and electronic based data storage devices have equal market share!

Future of the industry

Over a year ago we have published series of articles about consolidation of hard disk drive makers. It is great to compare what was written before to what is actually happening on the market today. While some manufacturers are performing data recovery from their own devices using technology made by reverse engineering teams and with a staggering prices others have finally recognized data recovery as a partner industry and not just reverse engineering projects. In the same time data storage devices are dirt cheap and have tendency to fail after just few months in operation. As a result these days warranty will not void on your storage device even if data recovery attempt was not successful or hard disk chamber has been compromised? Even Apple honor the warranty in these cases? This was not a case just few years before!? Manufacturers are literally fighting for each consumer. Which is great!? Right? Which reminds me on days when Toblerone chocolate used to have 15 bars and not just 11 or 12.

On the other hand, cloud technology significantly improved backups. Today devices, including personal computers will be shipped with pre-installed backup software. Another great improvement.

All that being said brings us to the beginning of this article. Project ADRECA collected data over the past year and based on over 21.000 requests from over 50 countries around the Globe it is clear we are still loosing our data. Every day! Caused by human error to hardware failure to natural disaster to mishaps.

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