The tool known in the industry as the ‘data recovery technician’s little helper’ is about to be published for free. And yes, like everything in ADRECA’s realm it is Public Beta. It has new skin, new features and supports most Samsung, Toshiba and Seagate F3 hard disk drives. We have the HDD Serial Commander development team here on chat from Serbia and I will try to make a post of our discussion.

Without further ado the Principal developer Dejan Jankovic and Project manager Igor Sestanj are with us in this post.


What HDD Serial Commander 2.0 does?


From Chat…”

Dejan: It speaks to the diagnostic port on your hard disk drive and at times can prevent data loss, help you to recover data or perform various tests, download files. Yes, you should have a proper background (be familiar with hard disk drive firmware) to use HSC2 🙂

Igor: Dealing with terminal commands and serial ports on a hard drive are the most famous yet mysterious approach yet. However, a lot of research and development has been done in order to utilize this method. Most of the work has been done in Ace Lab laboratories and elsewhere. However, no matter how much you improve these methods, dealing with terminal commands is very much like DOS or Linux shell. Featureless command line!

Dejan: Some people love it though 🙂

Igor: What we wanted to do is to translate commands into something more convenient and easier to deal with.

Dejan: That was in your old version. The brand new feature is Command Queue!?

Igor: True! Inspiration came from Adobe’s actions which one can use to record actions taken and play them again on some new image. HDD Serial Commander 2.0 works the same way. User will create a queue from which commands are sent to the drive.

Dejan: Works best with Seagate F3 series.


Does it mean the software works only with Seagate F3?


Dejan: No, just saying most in the Seagate F3 series are fully covered. Others not so much.

Igor: Seagate and to some extent Samsung have more advanced terminal commands available. F3 series have around 200 commands in multiple levels. However, one can perform some diagnostics on Toshiba, as well!


Who will use this software?


Igor: I do!

Dejan: I made it 🙂

Meesha: Anyone else? 🙂

Igor: Perhaps by now Nik and Mark use it too 🙂

Meesha: You guys have no idea who or if this soft ware will ever be used by anybody else?

Igor: This is not what you told us we would chat about 🙂 Nobody uses it because it is not out there yet. We made it for us. We used it and now we think others may find it useful as well?

Dejan: The challenge for me was to make Xmodem in Action Script 3. The 25 year old protocol now works within what essentially is a Flash player? Action script 3 [Apache Flex SDK] programming language lost the battle with Google and Apple over big market share, but it is still maintained by the Apache Open Source Community.

Meesha: Like translating Jamie Oliver’s book to Latin?

Dejan: Like writing a post about software nobody uses? 🙂

When and where it will be made available to public?


Igor:We will release the beta version to public by Aug 1, 2016. HDD Serial Commander is free and if you want to use it visit HDD Serial Commander (dot) com.

Dejan:However we do welcome donations!

Igor:We sure do! I need to set it up, though. 🙁

How long did it take for you to make HSC2?


Igor: About a month plus research!

Dejan: More or less it has about 3000 lines. I am very proud of it!

What can we expect next?


Igor: Well, I am going back to US and our research will have to live without its project manager 🙂 Another Arduino project perhaps?

Dejan: I think we will manage just fine without another manager. 🙂

Meesha: Thanks guys! Great to catch up with you on your latest project! …”

HDD Serial Commander 2.0 is out there for you to download for free. I was given a demonstration the other day when a Seagate drive (with the transparent lid) was placed in front of me. Connected to a power cable with 3 wires swinging its heads back and forth for 100 seconds. After, they selected from the list commands, placed in a few numbers and clicked the button. Impressive, yet nerdy.

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