Since first being identified in late-2019 in Wuhan, China, coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread around the world. Officially from March 11th, the World Health Organization defined the spread of coronavirus as global “pandemic”.

The outbreak is inevitably having an enormous impact on the economy in each of over 200 countries affected. Data recovery industry although somewhat resilient has also been affected. We are being reported many companies closed their operations, some laid their workers off while events such as the Ace Lab Conference in Prague has been moved to the web, others cancelled.

As in the past few weeks the entire world stopped and it may stay that way for awhile. This may be good time for companies to invest in training while keeping their employees at home. While most of us are stuck home, forums got quieter too.

For others this may be time to complete some small things? This is how we remembered these tho info-graphics.

Data Recovery Infographics

Here is editors choice of data recovery info-graphics that we failed to publish for one reason or another as well as featuring one of our old infographics – Brief History of Data Recovery – with couple more organizations added.

A Brief History of Data Recovery

A Brief History of Data Recovery | Loaded from Visually.

Following our current work on FDRQ2.0API we also decided to re-publish our original 2013 Data Recovery Estimate Infographic from ADRECA.

Possible Slow Recovery

Once we resume normal operations it may be some time before we get back on our feet again as data recovery services is non essential service and cases may come in slower than expected.

For those of you reading these lines because you are looking for data recovery service done try to postpone sending or dropping your case to a data recovery lab until we are out of the woods.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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